5 Fine Coffee Shops in Escazú, San José

Costa Ricans embrace coffee as a ritual, savoring it in the morning, afternoon, and even at night. For them, “coffee time” signifies a special moment in the day, an opportunity to connect with family and friends, and a chance to live in the present moment.

Given its profound connection to the national identity, Costa Rican coffee has evolved into a delightful elixir, showcasing diverse techniques and varieties available in recommended coffee shop experiences within the city.

On this post, we cover some of the best coffee shops in Escazú, which is a trendy, bustling neighborhood west of San Jose’s downtown area.

  1. Dulce Chilena

Dulce Chilena is a recently opened pastry shop that has gained notorious attention for its amazing cakes and pastries.

They offer special versions of the “torta chilena”, a mille-feuille caramel-styled pastry, with blends of red fruits, citrus flavors, and other subtle additions.

This is an amazing place if you like to try different well-made sweets. You can visit them in Escazú or order cakes for your events.

Dulce Chilena on Google Maps.

  • Caffé Negroni 

If you’re looking for something more than just a coffee shop experience, you don’t want to miss Café Negroni Bistro.

Built inside a beautiful old house in Escazú, the architects created an environment where elegance takes place every day & night.

This is a café-restaurant where you can find different dishes, cocktails and drinks while enjoying a nice conversation in the afternoon or evening.

Café Negroni on Google Maps

  • Crème Caramel

Crème Caramel is a European-style gourmet pastry shop. Located near downtown Escazú, you’ll find plenty of sweet treats, whether you’re looking for cakes, chocolate bites, marron glacé, or a wide variety of French pastries.

This place has its own staff of professional master chefs that make the experience a unique experience for a coffee date or business meeting.

Crème Caramel on Google Maps

  • Chez Christophe

When talking about French tradition in Costa Rica, you can’t avoid mentioning Chez Christophe. This place has been around for a long time, bringing excellence and quality to the area for at least 15 years.

You can find both tradition and a place where you can enjoy a nice terrace area with breakfast, brunch, and afternoon coffee, offering a blend of Costa Rican ingredients with French-style cuisine.

Chez Christophe on Google Maps

  • Búlali Artesanal

Located at Avenida Escazú, Búlali is a well-known fine coffee shop in the area.

Offering a varied food selection and specialty coffee catalog, this place has a tranquil ambiance that you can enjoy during the week or weekends.

This is also a very family-friendly place, with an outdoor terrace at the very center of the Avenida Escazú shopping complex.

Búlali Artesanal on Google Maps.

Andres Vedova

CR Nomads Commercial Director


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