5 Fine Coffee Shops in Rohrmoser: San José

A sneak peek into some of the best coffee places in the city
One of the most important cultural activities for Costa Ricans is enjoying a fresh cup of coffee. The “grano de oro (Gold Bean)” holds a significant place in Costa Rican culture, not merely as an agricultural treasure, but as an integral aspect of daily life.

The locals embrace coffee as a ritual, savoring it in the morning, afternoon, and even at night. For them, “coffee time” signifies a special moment in the day, an opportunity to connect with family and friends, and a chance to live in the present moment.

Given its profound connection to identity, Costa Rican coffee has evolved into a delightful elixir, showcasing diverse techniques and varieties available in recommended coffee shops experiences within the city.

On this post, we cover some of the best coffee shops in Rohrmoser, which is a trendy, bustling neighborhood west of San Jose’s downtown area.

Lucida Café

A team of expert baristas is on hand to assist with your selection process, whether you desire a classic espresso, americano, or various cold brews. Their motto, “Sueños Lúcidos, Brewing Dream One Bean at a Time,” encapsulates the commitment to a unique coffee experience.

Saint Honoré:

Blending French tradition with local coffee culture, Saint Honoré stands out as one of the most popular coffee and pastry destinations in San José.

Housed in a classic home from the region, the establishment welcomes visitors from breakfast to late afternoon coffee breaks. Guests can enjoy classic French pastries such as éclairs, mille-feuilles, croissants, pain au chocolat, and an array of breakfast and brunch options.


Mocapan, a German coffee shop concept, specializes in delectable, sweet treats, salads, bread, and wraps. The establishment provides an inviting environment for visits, work, or business calls, conveniently located next to Parque República del Perú—an ideal spot to enjoy fresh air throughout the day.

Juan Valdéz:

Known for its curated coffee selections, Juan Valdéz, a Colombian Coffee Shop, offers a unique experience. With shared notes and flavors between Colombian and Costa Rican coffee, this establishment provides an opportunity to delve deeper into their distinct profiles. The menu includes matcha options, Frappuccino’s, and traditional Colombian pastries.

La Fine Bouche Bakery:

Situated on Rohrmoser’s main street, La Fine Bouche Bakery introduces an appealing “to-go” concept. This French bakery crafts traditional artisan bread, croissants, cakes, and a diverse range of sweet pastries. Whether your order a drink to enjoy in-store or to take to the nearest park, this bakery promises the finest specialties.

Immerse yourself in the rich coffee culture of Rohrmoser, San José, by exploring these exceptional coffee shops that embody the essence of Costa Rican coffee.

Andres Vedova

CR Nomads Commercial Director


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