CBD a new legal medicine in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, the green paradise and peaceful land, keeps innovating in its medicinal alternatives. With a long tradition of natural remedies, Costa Rica is slowly moving to standardize its natural products.

Costa Rica keeps innovating in the field of medicinal alternatives. With a long tradition of natural remedies, Costa Rica is slowly moving to standardize its natural products.

One product that has been gaining widespread attention in the country is medical cannabis, more specifically hemp cannabidiol (CBD) products. Bear in mind that recreational cannabis is still a divisive issue among the population, due to its psychoactive effects and illegal activities related to its trade.

CBD products started to be legal before the hemp and medical law approved in 2022, when the Health Ministry registered its first products after a company named Osmosis CBD followed all the rules regarding safety, THC-free contents, and documentation regarding CBD source. Up until that point, CBD companies had been using US-imported CBD to make their products.

Regarding the cannabis law, there’s some confusion regarding its approaches. First, the intended issue this law wanted to address was the medical dispensation of the products as well as providing the country with new health alternatives. So, the law that’s currently in place is mainly for medical use in the form of oil, topicals, foods, cosmetics, and drinks.

Why do people use CBD products?

CBD is technically considered a neuroprotective antioxidant in its pure form. That’s why it’s also used as a nutritional supplement. Up to certain amounts of dosage, CBD can help with severe pain, anxiety, sleep problems, seizures, cancer side effects & inflammatory diseases.

The effect will depend on your specific dosage. We recommend you look for authorized brands with reliable information to guide your needs.

Where can I find CBD products in Costa Rica?

Since CBD is not considered a prescription medicine according to international laws, but more of a nutritional supplement or even food, these kinds of products are now sold everywhere in the country.

You can buy directly from certain producers, but you can also find them in stores, supermarkets, green stores, airports, pharmacies, green markets, or specialized CBD stores.

How can I determine a legal CBD product in Costa Rica?

The only way to sell products in formal stores in the country is if they passed the tests and have a status called “Registro Sanitario” or “Safety Registration,” which you can find on every product’s label or box.

This ensures that the products hold the CBD amount, lab test, and are safe for human use. You can still find illegal CBD products in many local farmers’ markets, so we recommend you be aware of their offer.

Which are the most trusted CBD brands in Costa Rica?

Some of the most trusted CBD brands in Costa Rica are Osmosis CBD, Virtú, So Flow, Central CBD, and international brands like CBDmd, CBD Distillery, and Joy Organics.

Can I buy legal THC-CBD products in Costa Rica?

Currently, there are no THC-CBD products. You’ll find only 0% THC on all CBD products.

Does the Costa Rican Medical Cannabis Law include THC medical Products?

Yes, but not like in many states of the U.S. where you can buy cannabis buds or THC products in dispensaries. As of today (January 2024), the Health Ministry is only allowing local THC products to be prescribed by a doctor in pharmacies. However, up until now, no THC products have been officially registered.

Currently, the government has invited a group of experts from local institutions, individual professionals, and industry professionals to discuss the ruling for all psychoactive and non-psychoactive marijuana-related products.

What’s the future of the CBD market in Costa Rica for 2024?

The CBD market in Costa Rica is expected to grow slowly but consistently in 2024. Local brands are trying to innovate by developing new products.

The main issue for local brands is the long delay in the registration process with the Health Ministry, which is perceived as a headache for CBD manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies in general.

Nevertheless, there’s growing acceptance and an easier way to find good and safe products that make it a trustworthy industry for new consumers.

Andres Vedova

CR Nomads Commercial Director


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