Costa Rica’s Hidden Secret to Longevity

Humans have always been obsessed with discovering the secrets to longevity. This has been a classic subject in tall tales, folklore, secret societies…and now, science.

In these times, the race to invent the miracle pill seems to be even closer, thanks to new discoveries in which Costa Rica has played a part.

The importance seems colossal; if humans manage to decode this mystery, we might have more information on how to treat or even eradicate serious problems related to degenerative diseases, including cancer, dementia, and chronic heart conditions.

As part of this research, scientists from around the world have identified several numbers of centenarians of different regions that are now called “Blue Zones.” A recent study, conducted by American and Costa Rican scientists, finally provided several promising insights.

This study included centenarians of one specific region: the Nicoya Peninsula. According to the researchers, male life expectancy here is one of the highest in the world.

Initially, factors for this longevity were linked to the warm climate, healthy living, and diet in the area, that ultimately associated with general wellness.

But according to this new study, this type of longevity might be more associated with sections of DNA found at the end of chromosomes known as “telomeres,” which seem to be longer than those of the average person.

Other studies have compared this discovery to the influence of aging caused by senescent cells (also known as “zombie cells”) due to their accumulation in old age that makes cells collapse.

Costa Rica’s general wellness habits

There are other reasons why living in certain regions of Costa Rica is associated with longevity.

During the last 30 years, the country has experienced significant growth in various fields. The local conditions and enjoyable weather have attracted thousands of people from around the world, who are now living in the country permanently or staying for several months a year.

Aside from the centenarians’ specific genes, Costa Rica gathers all the conditions for longevity.

Natural environments. If you want to truly connect with yourself, it’s easier when in nature. Whether it’s just for a quiet moment or for nature-related sports, Costa Rica offers a wide range of options to explore.

Family culture. Local traditions and hospitality are key factors involved in longevity. Love and affection are essential aspects of a healthy human life. Costa Rican culture is all about enjoying the little moments of life, regardless of social class or money in your bank account.

Diet. Even though the growing prevalence of processed foods and pesticides is something that Costa Rica needs to solve, the country still offers a wide variety of fresh food and reputable markets that, combined with nutritional education, could translate into a positive outcome for your health.

Access to quality medical treatments. Costa Rica has quality private and public hospitals, clinics, and great doctors in several areas. When it comes to medicines, you can find organic alternative remedies and pharmaceuticals both in pharmacies and natural markets.

Compared to much of the industrialized world, it is a welcome surprise to know that Costa Rica holds a handful of elements that can translate into a longer, happier, and healthier life.

Stay tuned for more information on CR Nomads´ Wellness Section.

Stay tuned for more information on Cr Nomads Wellness Section.

Andres Vedova

CR Nomads Commercial Director


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