CR Nomads Guide: 5 Things to Do in San José

Fun things to do when you come visit Costa Rica’s capital
Over the past few years, the city has witnessed a burgeoning cultural scene, with new concept stores, restaurants, and live music events popping up. Whether you’re in the area for a weekend or a longer stay, you’ll find various options to make the most of your time.

When thinking about Costa Rica, San José (the capital city) may not be the first location that comes to mind. However, when you’re living or staying for an extended period in the country, you’ll soon realize that it’s the capital, while still having a small city charm that’s worth exploring from time to time.

1. Explore Local Farmers’ Markets

Every week, different farmers’ markets spring up in various spots around the San José metro area. These markets offer a delightful cultural experience that draws people in on weekends. Families often gather to enjoy brunch or savor a fresh smoothie while shopping for their weekly produce.

In some beach towns like Guanacaste or the Caribbean, finding affordable, fresh produce in one place can sometimes be a challenge. These markets provide an excellent opportunity to discover quality products. Moreover, each farmer’s market boasts a distinct character, varying from town to town.

2. Discover Local Parks

San José’s downtown is not the sole hub for recreation in the city. Venturing east or west of the city, you’ll come across neighborhoods with charming parks and adjacent spaces. For instance, areas like Sabanilla and Coronado to the east, as well as Rohrmoser, Sabana, Escazú, and Santa Ana to the west, offer picturesque parks for picnics and leisurely daytime exploration.

3. Indulge in Specialty Coffee Shops

Costa Rican coffee is globally renowned for its quality, and the locals take great pride in it. We highly recommend visiting specialty coffee shops in the city, where you can find carefully selected varieties of small-batch, artisanal coffee beans. This is a wonderful experience for coffee enthusiasts and those interested in delving into the world of coffee.

Most specialty coffee shops boast their own skilled baristas, serving unique coffee blends alongside freshly prepared food. It’s an experience not to be missed.

Check out CR Nomads’ Top 5 Specialty Coffee Shops Guide for more recommendations.

4. Make Use of Excellent Workspace Options

Costa Rica is increasingly implementing remote work policies for both locals and tourists, and numerous businesses have shown interest in providing digital nomads with ideal workspaces during the day. You can discover diverse workspaces exclusively designed for individuals like you.

Whether you need a workspace for a single day or an extended period, these places offer top-notch accommodations. With a user-friendly environment, high-speed internet, and comfortable co-working areas, you can seamlessly conduct your daily tasks in a secure setting.

Check out CR Nomads’ Workspace Guide for detailed information on workspace options.

5. Savor Local and International Cuisine

Costa Rica is a multicultural haven where a wide array of gastronomies converge, making it a delightful culinary adventure. When exploring San José, you’ll encounter a plethora of dining options to suit various budgets.

While not all restaurants are exceptional, some are highly rated and cherished by the local foodies. You can relish typical local dishes and breakfast as well as explore sophisticated international cuisines such as Asian, European, American, South American, and Middle Eastern flavors.

For more information on exceptional local restaurants, consult CR Nomad’s curated Restaurant Guide.

Editor’s Note: “5 Things to Do in San José as a Digital Nomad” is one of the regular features we’ll be publishing for local digital nomads residing outside the city. Stay tuned for more CR Nomads’ recommendations as new activities continue to emerge in San José and other parts of the country!

Andres Vedova

CR Nomads Commercial Director


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