San José’s Hidden Trails: 5 Top Hiking Escapes

San José’s lesser-known hiking trails offer a glimpse into the Central Valley’s raw greenery and natural beauty. While being very close to the city, these trails continue to attract hikers, explorers, mountain lovers and athletes.

You’ll be amazed by how San José can be experienced from this perspective.
These offbeat spots, handpicked by CR Nomads, promise a journey through uncharted paths and unspoiled wilderness.

1. Escazú, Cerro Pico Blanco: Conquer the Untamed

Escazú’s Cerro Pico Blanco is one of the Central Valley’s most sought-after mountain spots. Embark on a challenging trek through its dense forests and rugged terrain. While not for the faint-hearted, reaching the summit unveils breathtaking vistas—a true reward for those willing to venture off the beaten path. Also, don’t miss the surrounding areas that’ll take you to a hidden waterfall.

2. Escazú, Cerro Bebedero: Nature’s Hidden Retreat

Discover the tranquility of Cerro Bebedero in Escazú—a serene escape that remains relatively untouched by crowds. The moderate trails wind through flourishing foliage and offer captivating views, providing an intimate communion with nature away from the tourist bustle.

3. Santa Ana, Las Eólicas: Wilderness and Innovation

In Santa Ana, Las Eólicas presents a unique juxtaposition of nature and human innovation.
Wander through lesser-trodden paths, amidst rolling hills adorned by elegant wind turbines. This secluded landscape offers natural splendor with a touch of human engineering, amidst peaceful solitude.

4. Universidad para La Paz: Nature, Off the Radar

The trails surrounding Universidad para La Paz beckon adventurers seeking to work out or explore different natural surroundings. Far from tourist circuits, this university campus is situated in the beautiful hills of Ciudad Colón, inviting exploration through serene landscapes, and offering encounters with diverse flora and fauna.

If you explore a little more, you’ll be pleased with many of the side trails heading to rivers and amazing vistas to the Pacific.

5. Piedras Negras: Unveil Untamed Wilderness

Piedras Negras, tucked away in the west of San José, invites the adventurous few.
Follow the marked trails along the river to discover cascading waterfalls, with unspoiled vistas awaiting those eager to embrace the wild.

This is your chance to explore more of Costa Rica if you love hiking. Whether you seek solitude in unexplored landscapes or a rugged journey through nature’s untamed heart, San José’s hidden hiking gems promise an authentic escape from the tourist trail.

Stay tuned for the following recommendations of places to hike around Costa Rica here at CR Nomads!

Andres Vedova

CR Nomads Commercial Director


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