Top 3 Yoga Studios in Playa Grande, Costa Rica

The embrace of nature and spirituality lies at the heart of Costa Rican culture. Over the years, the yoga movement has flourished globally, solidifying the country as a prominent yoga destination in Central America.

The mindful ambience of Costa Rica draws acclaimed instructors and enthusiasts alike, who establish their own personal yoga sanctuaries across various regions, fostering a fertile ground for new yoga retreats and studios.

Discover Yoga Studios in Playa Grande curated by us at CR Nomads:

  1. Rip Jack Inn Yoga Classes

Rip Jack is one of the most important hotels in Playa Grande, as well as one of the most consistent yoga places around. They offer both yoga and Pilates on site.

If you just want to go to a class, you can check out their packages. Rip Jack instructors will provide you with the best tools to make your practice profound while you’re staying in town.

More information: Rip Jack Inn on Google Maps

  • Tortuga Hotel Yoga

Tortuga Hotel is a beach front hotel in Playa Grande, currently one of the few offering yoga classes for its guests.

Enjoy a powerful class in their yoga dojo, right next to the pool where you can relax afterwards. This is an excellent opportunity to make a yoga session part of your stay.  

More information: Tortuga Hotel Yoga on Google Maps

  • Unity Gym

Unity Gym offers a variety of physical sports for kids and adults. Whether you’re looking for a gym, jiu-jitsu or yoga, this center is one of the most active places in the area.

Check out their schedule for the private yoga classes, as they could vary depending on the month.

More information: Unity Center CR on Google Maps

  • Sister Surf & Yoga Retreats

Offering a different kind of yoga practice, the girls at Surf & Yoga Retreats created a new concept combining surf and yoga.

As you might know, Playa Grande’s biggest sport is surf, with some of the best waves in the area and lots of great professional surfers. So, what could be better than combining both movement practices? Sister Surf & Yoga brings both activities together with the intention of providing a rejuvenating and unique experience.

More information: Sister Surf & Yoga Retreats on Google Maps

Yoga holds a significant presence in Costa Rica, and the mentioned options serve as a guide to some of the most established and recognized yoga studios in the region.

Explore CR Nomads Yoga Guide for insights into more yoga hotspots in Nosara, Tamarindo, San José, Playa Flamingo, Santa Teresa and beyond!

Andres Vedova

CR Nomads Commercial Director


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