Legal Firms

For any situation, anywhere in Costa Rica

Travelers often encounter diverse situations where legal assistance becomes essential. CR Nomad’s platform added a specialized guide list with verified law firms in different areas of the country.

Corporate Law

Corporate Law

We provide legal solutions for
the establishment of
companies, protocolization of minutes, and more.
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Notarial Law

Notarial Law

Whether you require the registration and modification of powers
of attorney, notarized deeds, wills, or the transfer of movable and immovable assets, we are here to assist you.
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Civil and Commercial Law

Civil and Commercial Law

We specialize in judicial collections, leases, and civil proceedings.
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Nomads Visa

Nomads Visa

Need information on the Costa Rican Digital Nomad Visa? Our
network of affiliated partners specializes in providing legal
consultation to help you get your visa.
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Sasha Morgan

Internal Implementation Officer

“CR Nomads Insurance Services are great for long or short-stay travel. It was very helpful for my family trip”

Tatiana Barnet

Project Manager

“Found this platform online because I needed it help when I bought my property. The connected me with a very professional and competent team”

David Valerio

IT Specialist

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While working as a digital nomad on a tourist visa is generally allowed, it’s essential to comply with all visa and tax regulations.

You can hire a local attorney or legal firm specializing in business and immigration matters to help with legal requirements and consultations.

While Costa Rica generally taxes income generated within the country, it’s crucial to understand the tax laws and consult with a tax professional to ensure compliance with your unique situation.

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