5 Fine Coffee Shops Barrio Escalante, San José

Costa Ricans embrace coffee as a ritual, savoring it in the morning, afternoon, and even at night. For them, “coffee time” signifies a special moment in the day, an opportunity to connect with family and friends, and a chance to live in the present moment.

Given its profound connection to the national identity, Costa Rican coffee has evolved into a delightful elixir, showcasing diverse techniques and varieties available in recommended coffee shop experiences within the city.

On this post, we cover some of the best coffee shops in Barrio Escalante, which is a trendy, bustling neighborhood just east of San Jose’s downtown area.

  1. Cafeoteca

At Cafeoteca, you´ll get to have a coffee cup prepared by extremely skilled baristas. We dare to say that this is really one of the top specialty coffee shops in the country.

We recommend trying different blends and asking for the history behind every cup. Of course, when keeping up with Costa Rican tradition, you’ll find some delicious pastries that’ll be a perfect companion for a top 10 coffee cup.

Cafeoteca on Google Maps

  • Libertario Café Roasters

A specialty coffee tradition present in Colombia, Mexico, and Costa Rica, Libertario Coffee Roasters is something else.

Keeping alive the barista culture, this is a well-produced high-end coffee shop concept that translates to robust cups of coffee. They also carry an interesting variety of coffee in their personal brand, featuring limited edition packs and rare coffee beans.

More than that, they take care of every detail. They’re coffee bean hunters, roasters, and coffee shop owners. Don’t miss out on this one!

Libertario Café Roasters on Google Maps

  • Dulce Junio

Dulce Junio is a coffee shop that puts a lot of attention into their sweets, from chocolate cake, lemon, pecan, and passion fruit pie to more tropical creations using coconut, dragon fruit, or pineapple.

This is also a great place to get brunch, having a wide variety of options in their menu. Their coffee selection is also very complete, from traditional style Americano to delicious frozen creations.

Dulce Junio on Google Maps

  • CoffeeHolic

“Todo buen día empieza con una taza de café” (every good day starts with a cup of coffee), is a fitting slogan for a very cool coffee shop.

This place opens between noon and 9 pm (which is a very rare thing for coffee shops in Costa Rica), in a very quaint neighborhood road in Escalante.

People like to come to Coffeeholic because they offer a wide range of options, and you can see they truly enjoy their métier. The food presents a blend of European and American styles with the local coffee tradition.

CoffeeHolic on Google Maps

  • Crepería y Cafetería Entre Nous

Craving some French-style crepes? If that’s the case, we got a great recommendation.

This cute place located right in the heart of Barrio Escalante is a local favorite. You might find friends and family groups hanging out in this old school-styled house from the 1960s.

With its nice patio, the owners have created a very inviting environment to enjoy specific coffee blends known for their very high quality.

Crepería y Cafetería Entre Nous on Google Maps.

Andres Vedova

CR Nomads Commercial Director


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