5 top Surf Spots in Costa Rica

Don’t miss out on these Costa Rican beach spots if you’re either a beginner or experienced surfer
Long before Costa Rica gained acclaim as a haven for natural wellness, it was the surfers who carved a path to untamed waves. Back in the ’90s, they pioneered discoveries that birthed what are now renowned global surfing meccas.

Picture a time devoid of luxury houses or bustling developments—a different era where living or visiting a Costa Rican beach meant a season in a camping tent, surrounded by fellow wave-chasers—the true embodiment of Pura Vida!

Today, Costa Rica stands as a world-class surfing destination, boasting a myriad of beaches along both coasts—a variety of beach breaks, reef breaks, and river mouths catering to beginners and seasoned surfers alike. Let’s delve into some of the main surf spots that embody the soul of Costa Rica’s surfing culture:

Let’s delve into some of the main surf spots that embody the soul of Costa Rica’s surfing culture:

1. Playa Hermosa, Jaco: Where Legends Ride Waves

Nestled in the Central Pacific coast, the world-famous combination of Playa Hermosa and Jaco beckon surf enthusiasts.

Jaco, a laid-back yet bustling beach town, has good waves for beginners looking for lessons, but a few minutes driving south, you can find the more renowned and consistent waves of Playa Hermosa.

Hermosa is frequented by pro surfers for its accessibility and wide waves, with an area that exudes an authentic surfing charm.

2. Playa Santa Teresa: Embrace the Surfing Vibe

Santa Teresa, a cherished haven, holds a special place in every surfer’s heart.

Known for its rolling coastlines and expansive beaches, it’s special for both local wave-riders and international surfing nomads.

Whether it’s catching waves or soaking in the enchanting vibes of this coastal gem, Santa Teresa never fails to captivate.

3. Playa Negra: The mystical Surf Beach

Tucked away in the North Pacific, Playa Negra remains a hidden treasure next to towns like Avellana and Tamarindo.

Its mystical natural surroundings house some of the country’s finest waves, drawing professional surfers and enthusiasts year-round.

The beauty of Playa Negra unravels during low tide, revealing rocky formations that create natural poolside settings—an ideal spot to catch breathtaking sunsets.

4. Playa Grande: A Surfer’s Sanctuary

Guanacaste’s Playa Grande is a sanctuary for surfers nestled amid unspoiled nature. It is also a fantastic place to receive lessons for beginners. Once a place where surfers lived amidst lush landscapes devoid of roads or stores, it continues to offer an idyllic escape, while being only a few minutes away from the beach town of Tamarindo.

Immerse yourself in the peaceful, laid-back beach lifestyle, surrounded by turtles, diverse birdlife, and a tapestry of trees while riding waves under the setting sun.

5. Playa Dominical: Where Surf Dreams Unfold

Often referred to as a famously elite surf spot, Playa Dominical boasts consistent waves, forming unique point breaks.

This coastal stretch, part of a majestic coastline teeming with diverse beaches, captivates surfers with its powerful waves. Beyond surfing, exploring the rivers, mountains, and nearby waterfalls adds an extra layer of adventure to the experience.

Stay tuned for more offbeat surf recommendations from CR Nomads, uncovering the hidden treasures of Costa Rica’s surfing world.

Andres Vedova

CR Nomads Commercial Director


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