Top 5 Yoga Studios in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

The embrace of nature and spirituality lies at the heart of Costa Rican culture. Over the years, the yoga movement has flourished globally, solidifying the country as a prominent yoga destination in Central America.

The mindful ambience of Costa Rica draws acclaimed instructors and enthusiasts alike, who establish their own personal yoga sanctuaries across various regions, fostering a fertile ground for new yoga retreats and studios.

Discover Yoga Studios in Santa Teresa curated by us at CR Nomads:

  1. Flor Blanca Yoga with Stefano Allegri

Yoga remains integral to the essence of Flor Blanca Hotel. Led by the seasoned master Stefano Allegri, their yoga classes are renowned as among the finest in Santa Teresa.

Nestled along the oceanfront, this inviting yoga dojo offers an ideal setting for a purposeful morning practice. Embracing the Vinyasa Krama Style, their yoga approach emphasizes the seamless connection of movement with breath, fostering a harmonious experience.

More information:  Florblanca Resort on Google Maps.

  • Funky Monkey Lodge Yoga

Indulge in solitary or group sessions of yoga, aerial silk, and meditation at this serene beachfront spot. With a diverse array of offerings, it’s an ideal place to enhance your practice while embracing the coastal ambience.

Rooted in the principles of Hatha Yoga, their approach emphasizes enhancing flexibility, balance, and strength, providing a comprehensive experience.

More information: Funky Monkey Lodge on Google Maps

  • Sacred Path Yoga

Sacred Path Yoga stands as a dedicated yogic institution committed to fostering personal growth through a comprehensive exploration of yoga.

Offering both in-person and virtual courses accessible worldwide, this academy is a gateway to deepening your yoga practice regardless of your location. As part of a larger network of yoga instructors spanning Bali, Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru, this institution brings a wealth of holistic knowledge and experience.

More information: Sacred Path Yoga Santa Teresa on Google Maps

  • Luminous Heart Yoga

Discover Luminous Heart Yoga, a leading teacher training academy nestled in Santa Teresa.

Rooted in the concept of communal growth, this academy provides a platform for personal development, transformation, and healing through the profound practice of yoga and meditation. Notably, Luminous Heart is recognized as an accredited school by Yoga Alliance.

More information: Luminous Heart Yoga on Google Maps

  • Casa Zen Yoga Center

At Casa Zen, you can experience yoga classes on their picturesque open-air balcony. Catering to both beginners and advanced practitioners, they provide a diverse range of classes led by skilled instructors, ensuring a fully equipped environment.

Their primary aim is to create a tranquil atmosphere for all guests, fostering a connection with nature through movement and breathwork. Additionally, they offer unique “mini retreats” integrating yoga and surf classes, providing a holistic experience.

More information: Casa Zen Yoga Center on Google Maps.

Yoga holds a significant presence in Costa Rica, and the mentioned options serve as a guide to some of the most established and recognized yoga studios in the region. Explore CR Nomads Yoga Guide for insights into more yoga hotspots in Nosara, Tamarindo, San José, Playa Grande, Playa Flamingo, and beyond!

Andres Vedova

CR Nomads Commercial Director


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